On behalf of the Board of Directors and the general membership, we invite you to Wildlife Action of Georgia. 

Wildlife Action is a private, non-profit, tax exempt (501c3), volunteer organization.  We are dedicated to the appreciation and enjoyment of our wildlife heritage through the values of preservation, conservation, education, sportsmanship and fellowship.


To that end, Wildlife Action of Georgia attempts to raise public awareness of diminishing wildlife habitat, illegal and inconsiderate outdoor activities, to promote the wise use of our natural resources and to educate the sportsman and non-hunter that our natural resources are for everyone and that the costs and benefits should be shared by all. 


The slogan “Local folks solving local problems” embodies the belief that the empowered individual can come up with new alternative solutions to problems and challenges.  Locally we are concerned with the lakes, rivers, and wetlands of Lake Allatoona and its tributaries.


At the Georgia Resource Center there are many activities available to members such as Birding, Nature trails, Picnicking, Camping, Fishing, and Canoeing.  We even have a Light Archery and Pellet Gun range.

We look forward to meeting you!



Thank you for visiting.

Brian Welton

State Chapter President

You must join through our national chapter. Click on the "Join Now" button to be redirected to their website.  Select "Join" and then proceed with your membership level selection and payment.

Wildlife Action Goals

  • Raise public awareness to diminishing wildlife habitat

  • Effectively secure, protect and manage wildlife habitat

  • Protect rivers and wetlands from unnecessary destruction and development

  • Work to reduce poaching, trespassing and other illegal and inconsiderate outdoor activities and encourage improved behavior of irresponsible outdoor users

  • Educate all people, hunters and non-hunters, that our natural resources belong to everyone and that all should share in the cost and benefits of perpetuating them

  • Obtain facts on legitimate issues and bypass emotional causes

  • Don’t just criticize, offer vital alternatives to problems

  • Support the right to keep and bear arms

  • Share with our youth the outdoor traditions that we have enjoyed and together work to protect those traditions for future generations

  • Continue to help "local folks solve local problems"

  • "To Put Back More Than We Take"


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