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2022 Adventure Camp June 13-17 9am-2pm

What to bring to Camp

-Casual, comfortable clothing is best.

-Shoes for outdoor activities. Flip flops are discouraged. We will be walking throughout the property.




-Water bottle


-Lunch if allergies or diet restrictions

-Umbrella or poncho, rainboots- optional.

-Life Jacket if you want to bring your own (all swimmers will be required to wear a life preserver when on the water, Wildlife Action has many available for use )

Lunch(to be determined)
-Chicken Tenders
-Chopped Chicken Sandwich 
-Macaroni and Cheese
-Pizza (we will have cheese, pepperoni, and gluten free)
-Pork Sandwiches 
-Please send a 
Lunch if your child has allergies or diet restrictions. Thank You!
-Lunch donated by JD's BBQ

2075 Kellogg Creek Road 
Acworth, Ga 30102

 Look for the entrance marked with a Wildlife Action sign and  2 upside down green canoes, off of Kellogg Creek Rd. Our entrance is before the day use area on the left if coming from Bells Ferry Rd.  
Follow the road until you get to the top of a hill (past the "Pioneer Village" Campsites)
turn right at the canoe that points right to the lodge.  You will need to park and sign your child in and if you haven't already make sure to sign your consent when checking in on Wednesday.  

Rules and Regulations

We require modest clothes in good taste.

Tobacco, alcohol, pornography, profanity, fireworks, knives, guns, and electronics are prohibited. Wildlife Action is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Consent and Release


Wildlife Action reserves the right to use any photographs, videos, writing, etc. to promote Wildlife Action.

I do hereby agree to release and forever discharge Wildlife Action, Inc., its officers, agents and employees from any and all suits, claims, damages, demands, liabilities, costs, and expenses, including reasonable counsel fees, which result from or may arise out of participation in the aforesaid activity and/or property use. This provision shall not operate to require indemnification or release to the extent such loss is caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct of Wildlife Action, Inc., its officers, directors, employees, affiliates, and subsidiaries.

During participation in said activity and/or property use, I hereby grant Wildlife Action, Inc., its employees and agents full authority to take whatever actions they may consider to be warranted under the circumstances regarding the protection of the participant's health and safety, and I hereby release each of them from any liability for any such decisions or actions as may be taken by them in connection therewith.

The authority granted in the preceding sentence shall include the right to place the participant, at his/her own expense, and without any further consent, in a hospital for medical services and treatment, or if no hospital is readily accessible, to place the participant in the hands of a local medical doctor for treatment.

I have read and understand all the rules and regulations and hereby agree to comply with all rules, standards, and instructions relating to this activity and/or property use which are promulgated by Wildlife Action, Inc. I agree that Wildlife Action, Inc., its employees and agents shall have the right to enforce appropriate standards of conduct, and that Wildlife Action, Inc., may, at any time, terminate participation in said activity and/or property use in the event of any failure to abide by such rules and regulations.

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