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Wildlife Action

Georgia State Chapter

P.O Box 700

Woodstock, Georgia 30188

Phone: 770-924-7464


Georgia State Headquarters

Rental Job #

To reserve lodging at Wildlife Action's Georgia Resource Education Center, fill out this form in its entirety including the information on, the reverse side, attach a check made payable to Wildlife Action Inc. and mail to the address above. If bringing pets, an extra $50.00 deposit is required. This form with payment must be received within 7 working days prior to date of visit unless otherwise specified.



or mbr #


Contact Person:

















Date of rental:


Time Arrive:


Time Depart:








I do hereby consent to voluntarily participate in or allow my family, organization to participate in the following Wildlife Action, Inc. activity and/or property use indicated on this form.

I do hereby agree to release and forever discharge Wildlife Action, Inc., its officers, agents and employees from any and all suits, claims, damages, demands, liabilities, costs, and expenses, including reasonable counsel fees, which result from or may arise out of participation in the aforesaid activity and/or property use.

During participation in said activity and/or property use, I hereby grant Wildlife Action, Inc., its employees and agents full authority to take whatever actions they may consider to be warranted under the circumstances regarding the protection of the participant's health and safety, and I hereby release each of them from any liability for any such decisions or actions as may be taken by them in connection therewith.

The authority granted in the preceding sentence shall include the right to place the participant, at his/her own expense, and without any further consent, in a hospital for medical services and treatment, or if no hospital is readily accessible, to place the participant in the hands of a local medical doctor for treatment.

I have read and understand all the rules and regulations and hereby agree to comply with all rules, standards, and instructions relating to this activity and/or property use which are promulgated by Wildlife Action, Inc. I agree that Wildlife Action, Inc., its employees and agents shall have the right to enforce appropriate standards of conduct, and that Wildlife Action, Inc., may, at any time, terminate participation in said activity and/or property use in the event of any failure to abide by such rules and regulations.

Signature of Participant/Representative/Contact:





---------------------------------------------*** GREC Rules *** -----------------------------------------------------

Be considerate of your fellow WLA members

  • Members should carry membership card with them while on property.


  • Children under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult member.

  • Guests must always be accompanied by a member.

    • Young adults over 18 years of age must purchase their own membership.

  • No smoking in any buildings or structures. Permitted on the grounds away from the buildings.

  • The GREC is an education facility.   

  • Absolutely NO ALCOHOL or DRUGS permitted.

This includes the DOCK



  • Member vehicles must have WLA decal in plain view.

  • Street legal vehicles only, no off road vehicles and no bicycles.

  • Speed Limits

    • 10MPH on main drive from the Gate at Kellogg Creek Road to the LAKE and LODGE entrance.

    • 5MPH on all other roads.

Please ask your guests to slow down especially during dusty conditions?  We need to be polite neighbors along the road!

Spinning tires and reckless driving tears up the roadway

  • Parking

    • Park in designated parking areas only.

    • Do not block the roadway.

    • There is no trash service please haul out your own trash.

    • Canoes and Kayaks must be returned to the RACK by sundown each day.

  • Please turn your stereos down; many folks come to the property for the sounds of nature.

Pets are Welcome

Use common sense, not everyone loves our pets as much as we do.

  • On leash or voice controlled

    • Holiday weekends or busy times Pets must remain on leash.

  • It is the owner’s responsibility of the social ability of you animals.

  • Your animals may not cause nuisance or fear among other members on property.

    • Be mindful of others when your pets are around.

    • Be mindful of small children around pets.

  • You must clean up after your pet.

    • Not cleaning up after your pet will result in suspension from the grounds for 90 days.

  • The CORP. property that adjoins WLA does NOT welcome pets.


  • There is no trash service at the resource center.  Please carry out your own trash.  If you see litter, please help us keep the area clean by picking it up and packing it out with your trash.


Remember: “There is no freedom without responsibility.”

The reckless destruction of the Resource Center property will result in suspension from the grounds for 90 days. 

Repeated violations of these rules will result in loss of membership.


Note: All camping / canoeing prices are per day * All prices negotiable for civic organizations. *

Estimated Total # of People:


Prepayment of Fees is required:



Job Chairman:




Amount received:$


Date Paid:


Please circle:   cash     check #


Cleaning Deposit$




WLA initial:




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